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Helping you hire.

We specialize in helping companies build great teams. Through our own experience managing software development projects and teams, we are able to understand how to connect you with the right candidates from a skills, culture and career standpoint.

Our Recruiting Process





First we take time to understand your company:

  • Your product and/or service

  • Your culture

  • Your business objectives and strategy


Then we go into details on the specific position your company needs filled:

  • What are they tasked with accomplishing

  • What skills/background will make them successful





We come from technology backgrounds. So our screening process ensures we only send your company qualified candidates. We want to ensure that candidates are a fit not only from a technology standpoint, but from a culture standpoint as well. 


What is a qualified candidate? Someone who:

  • Has the right technical skills

  • Fits with the company culture

  • Fits with the job from a career standpoint

  • Is excited about the job and the company!




Then we seek out candidates who meet your qualifications. We use:

  • Our extensive professional networks

  • Referral networks

  • Meetup groups

  • LinkedIn


Ideally we are getting to "passive" candidates - those who are not actively looking for jobs but are open to the right opportunity.




If we find a qualified candidate, we connect you. We work with both you and the candidate to guide through the recruiting process and help both parties determine if there is potential for a long term fit. 

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